Local researcher unveils body image app

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Eating disorders, obesity and body image are all big issues in today's thin obsessed culture. Researchers at the Pennington Center think technology can play a key role in helping people with cope.

At a news conference Wednesday, Tiffany Stewart Ph.D. made this announcement.  "Today I'm excited to introduce to you the body image voice app."

Body Evolution Technologies unveiled a web site and app that targets college students. Many of them are girls.  Developers hope to stimulate a healthy conversation about weight and body size. The sites will display images that call out the media for promoting an unrealistic ideal body size. Users will also find stories from people who've battled eating disorders.

According to Stewart, they can even join the discussion. "We have lots of stories people have contributed to the app already. You can upload a video, you can upload a picture of your story if you'd like have a conversation about what you've experienced with body image and eating."

The Body Image Voice will soon be available to download as a free mobile app. Developed at the Pennington Center, it's being rolled out as an independent business venture.

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