Jury selection for Lil Boosie trial moves to Day 2

Extra security has been put in place for Lil Boosie's trial.
Extra security has been put in place for Lil Boosie's trial.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is the second day of jury selection for the murder trial of Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch.  At one point Hatch, who sat between his lawyers, could be seen smiling at family members as the entered the courtroom.

A total of 14 jurors were questioned Tuesday morning.  Seven of those have been temporarily accepted, but they can be dismissed at any time.  Seven others were excused by Judge Mike Erwin.

Two jurors were dismissed early in the questioning process, after being questioned about what they have read about the case or have seen on television.  Martin Regan, Jr., one of the defense attorney's says most of the jurors know something about the case.  "But they don't always trust what they heard in the press, no offense," Regan said.

The potential jurors were also questioned about their feelings on rap music and if that would play a role in their ability to make decisions because the majority of them said they did not care for it.

On Monday, 150 of those potential jurors responded to a questionnaire asking them about their religion, hobbies, etc.

A total of 700 people received a summons to appear for jury duty this week.

Hatch faces murder charges in connection with an October 2009 murder-for-hire scheme. The judge is allowing some specific lyrics to be brought up in the trial.

Prosecutors said specific lyrics equal intent. Defense attorneys said it's just a rapper doing his job.

Three specific words are what prosecutors hope will link Torrance Hatch to the killing of Terry Boyd on October 21, 2009. Those words include 187, mirk and cake.

Defense attorneys for Hatch say a jury could be selected sometime this week.  Jason Williams, one of Hatch's attorneys, says opening arguments could begin as early as Thursday or Friday.

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