Who Dat fans react to Saints allegations of wiretapping

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The latest allegations surrounding Saints general manager Mickey Loomis have intensified the storm clouds hanging over the franchise, but some Baton Rouge football fans say they feel the "Who Dats" are being targeted.

"Oh...well. That sounds like the Patriots a few year back...cheating," said football follower Austin Devall.

"I don't think that anybody should be doing wire tapping or anything like that," said Saints fan Norman Deumite. "But you know it's part of the game. You look on the sidelines when they call a play, what do they do? They put the clipboard up in front because the other team has people that are reading lips."

But Saints general manager, Mickey Loomis has been accused of something a bit more than lip reading. On Monday, ESPN's "Outside the Lines", reported that Loomis had his Superdome booth wired so he could listen in on opposing coaches from 2002 to 2004.

"His input from this whole thing, getting a competitive advantage is not real good," said ESPN Baton Rouge radio host Jimmy Ott. "Now the other question you have to ask is, why are they doing it if they can't gain a competitive advantage? And they're gonna have to pay the penalty if indeed the allegations are accurate."

Ott says the allegations seem quite serious now that the FBI and Louisiana State Police are investigating. And that's just another blow to the Saints image following the bounty scandal and the resulting punishments.

"You have your head coach who's one of the best play callers in all of the NFL, and they're gonna lose something by not having him on the sidelines and for practices as well," said Ott.

Members of the Who Dat nation are praying their boys bounce back from these black eyes. Others are just waiting for the day other NFL teams have to defend themselves.

"This team has been exposed, but other teams is going through it too," said football fan Joseph Sanford.

"They either need to change how they do business or they need to turn a blind eye, I guess...I don't know," said Norman Deumite.

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