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Contact 9 Update: Good Samaritan steps up to help teen


Contact 9 Update: Jamie Kennedy, 15, ordered a dress online more than a month ago from, and then never heard from the company again. Jamie had given up hope of getting her dream dress in time for prom, but she still got to have the time of her life.

What happened to Jamie is all too familiar for Ginger Roy, the manager at Ashley Renee Bridal in Livingston; and we're not just talking prom.

"Brides, bridesmaids come in; they've all been stiffed by these companies, having to purchase a second dress and its way too common," said Ginger.

She says she has had plenty of young girls come in this spring, out of luck just days before prom because they ordered from a fishy company online.

Jamie Kennedy's mother, Paula, contacted WAFB so other parents would be aware of the problem. Shortly after our story aired last week, the phone rang over at Ashley Renee's.

"A viewer who saw the story this week called. He was so touched by it and he said that he would love to purchase a dress for this girl and make sure she gets her dream dress; whatever she wants. He said accessorize her; get her jewelry, her shoes. He dropped off a blank check."

The man asked to remain anonymous, told Ginger he had been blessed and wanted Jamie to go to prom feeling beautiful; news that melted every woman in the shop.

"We were all screaming and so excited. I still have goose bumps just thinking about it," said Ginger.

Jamie and her mom were blown away. "I was like ‘oh my gosh.' Like that is awesome and I was like this is just so cool for somebody to bless me like that," said Jamie.

"Last week I was very, like, stressing and very upset aggravated. Now it's so exciting and overwhelming it's amazing."

More viewers offered up their daughters extra dresses, wanting to help too. "It shows you there are actually some people out there who actually care."

It gets better, not only was Jamie's prom saved, she celebrated her 16th birthday this weekend thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger.

Jamie and her family want to thank that anonymous viewer as well as all of the other viewers who emailed Contact 9 offering help. Experts say remember when ordering online, it is a good idea to make sure the company has a physical location you can visit to track down your order.

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