Saints deny ESPN Report, seeking 'legal recourse"


NEW ORLEANS, LA - Another possible black-eye tonight for the New Orleans Saints' top brass. ESPN is reporting that General Manager Mickey Loomis had his Superdome suite wiretapped to let him listen in to visiting teams' coaching meetings.

The report alleges that the wiretap went on for nearly three full seasons. The ESPN report states that sources said when Loomis took his seat during home games, then in the front row of box No. 4 in the 300 level of the Superdome's north side, he was able to plug an earpiece into a jack that was under the desk in front of him.

The earpiece was not unlike those used to listen to inexpensive transistor radios, the sources said. With the earpiece in place, Loomis could then toggle back and forth with a switch that he controlled, enabling him to listen to either the game-day communications of the opposing offensive or defensive coaches.

Greg Bensel, Saints vice president of communications, said Monday afternoon on behalf of the Saints and Loomis: "This is 1,000 percent false. This is 1,000 percent inaccurate."

"This report is 1000 percent false," Bensel said. "Completely inaccurate. We asked ESPN to provide us evidence to support their allegations and they refused. The team and Mickey are seeking all legal recourse regarding these false allegations."

Loomis is already facing an 8-game suspension for his role in the bounty scandal.

9Sports' Jacques Doucet will have much more on the developing story on 9News at 6 and 10pm.

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