In Lee's Own Words

Through the many court proceedings authorities have given us some insight into what went on during their lengthy interrogations of suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. Now, for the very first time, we're getting a more personal look at Lee in his own words. We now have transcripts of those conversations. WAFB's crime team reporter Laranda Moffett has the story.

The transcripts, entered into court record in East Baton Rouge parish, give a detailed account of the interrogation of Lee after he was arrested in Atlanta and brought back to Louisiana. Much of what Lee has to say appears to be sort of a ramble, but what is very clear is that he believes he's sure to be convicted and will be put to death.

Lee says, "Whether it come through a needle, (word ommitted) ...going through my brain, or time.... I ain't gonna get no fair trial... I know I ain't gonna get no fair shake."

Lee also says, "Y'all got my DNA... If you got my DNA, you know, I'm already convicted."

While the transcripts detail word for word what was said between Lee and detectives, Lee's mood toward them isn't clear. However, it appears Baton Rouge police detective Chris John actually developed some sort of repore with Lee. John repeatedly refers to Derrick Todd Lee as "Todd," and that's something Lee seems quite comfortable with.

Records show that Lee asks for an attorney more than once during the interview. In fact, he even asks for a female attorney, saying he thinks a woman would do a better job. Lee continued his conversation with authorties, saying he "just wanted to talk." Lee's defense attorneys had asked that these conversations be supressed, and prosecutors raised no objections.

Also now available is a copy of the evidence authorities seized from Derrick Lee's four vehicles, as well as the bags he was carrying, when authorities arrested him in Atlanta. For a complete list of what was found, and the taped interrogation transcripts in there entirety click on the links below.