Lil Boosie a no show for pretrial hearing

Lil Boosie AKA Torrence Hatch
Lil Boosie AKA Torrence Hatch

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, was scheduled for a pre-trial hearing Thursday afternoon, but he was a no show.

The no show wasn't Lil Boosie's fault, since he is obviously in jail. It was an oversight on the part of the prosecutors.

He is being held at the Angola State Penitentiary while he waits for his murder for hire trial at the end of the month. Apparently the person in the District Attorney's Office who was supposed to send out the transfer orders simply did not.

The pretrial hearing was to take place in Judge Mike Erwin's courtroom at 1:30 p.m., but is now scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

The hearing is meant to determine if lyrics in his songs and details from prior crimes can be used in his murder trial, which starts on April 30.

He faces a first-degree murder charge in the 2009 shooting death of Terry Boyd. Boyd was found shot to death in his home in October 2009. It is believed Hatch ordered a hit on Boyd.

There will be an anonymous jury for the trial.

District Attorney Hillar Moore said an anonymous jury is not that unusual.

Michael Louding, also known as Marlo Mike, is accused of six separate murders. Prosecutors said Louding told them he was hired as a hitman by Hatch.

Hatch pleaded guilty in November to three counts of conspiring to bring drugs into a penal institution.

Judge Mike Erwin sentenced him to eight years in prison on those charges.

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