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Contact 9: Falling victim to online scams

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It's an easy and effective way for advertisers to target teenagers. Advertisements flood sites like Facebook and Twitter, but just because it's a trustworthy site, does not mean all of the ads can be trusted. One Livingston Parish family found that out the hard way.

Jamie Kennedy ordered a dress she fell in love with off of a site she saw on Facebook, ""

"I didn't really find anything so I was just like you know let's just order. Mom doesn't want to get out," Kennedy said.

Her mother, Paula says she's not very computer savvy and didn't think anything of it.

She paid $120 for her daughter's dress.

Now, they are both questioning the site's credibility because prom is this weekend at Live Oak High School and they still do not have a dress on their doorstep.

"Last week, I was thinking I was going to get it, but now it's getting really close to prom and I'm freaking out," Kennedy said.

A month later, the family does not have a dress or answers from the company that appears to be in Asia, based off of Mrs. Kennedy's debit card statement.

"We can't contact them to even get any kind of verbal response to say yes we do have your order-it's being shipped-if we could just get some way of saying your order's been shipped," Mrs. Kennedy said.

We could not get a response out of the site either, but Ginger Roy at Ashley Renee Bridal in Baton Rouge, says she is seeing plenty of customers this prom season, who have fallen victim to sites like this one.

"They end up buying two dresses," Roy said. "It's sad because these girls want a good deal and they want a pretty dress, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is."

Meanwhile, Jamie Kennedy continues to watch her doorstep, wishing she would have done more research before she shopped online.

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