Doug Williams suing Grambling

Doug Williams (Source:
Doug Williams (Source:

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Grambling football coach Doug Williams is suing the school over his contract and problems that date back to last summer. The attorney for the Super Bowl MVP and college football Hall of Famer says Williams did not want to sue his alma mater, but after three months of negotiations with Grambling and the University of Louisiana system, Williams filed suit in Baton Rouge Friday claiming the school's president signed a contract containing the offer Williams agreed to and then tried to change it after the coach took over the Tigers' football program.

Williams claims in the lawsuit, which names Grambling President Frank Pogue, the school, its board and both the state and state Department of Education as defendants, that he signed a contract with Pogue and former Athletic Director J.Lin Dawson and took the job pending board approval.

But Williams' attorney Cleo Fields says the president removed it from the board's agenda on April 29th last year and never submitted it for approval, instead asking Williams to sign two updated versions of the contract that removed incentives and shifted the burden of paying a $275,000 buyout from the school to its foundation. The suit alleges "bait and switch" tactics and charges the school and its system with negligence and misrepresentation in the process, which continued even after Williams led Grambling to the SWAC championship in the first season after his return.

Less than a year ago Williams' cousin Melvin Spears, who was fired from Grambling in 2006, won a nearly 600-thousand dollar judgment against the school for breach of contract. Spears and Williams have produced five SWAC titles between them and Williams' son D.J. is the Tigers' quarterback.

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