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Cincinnati police officer indicted for bribery and theft

Officer Laboy being sworn in. Photo: Cincinnati Police. Officer Laboy being sworn in. Photo: Cincinnati Police.
Mug shot of officer Jose Laboy-Laviena. Photo: HCSO. Mug shot of officer Jose Laboy-Laviena. Photo: HCSO.

A Cincinnati police officer was indicted Wednesday on serious criminal charges.

Jose Laboy-Laviena was indicted on two counts of bribery, two counts of theft and a tampering with evidence charge.

According to court papers, Laboy is accused of using his office to steal property or services of $1000 or more.

Laboy, who joined the police in 2006, has worked in District 3.

Court documents also say that Laboy used his office to tamper with or destroy evidence.

Cincinnati Police Chief James E. Craig scheduled a news conference for Thursday afternoon to discuss the charges filed against Officer Laboy.   

"The officer solicited money from the victim under the pretense that he would assist the victim in a U-Visa so the victim could remain in the United States," said Craig.

Laboy is even accused of telling the victim how to cheat the system.

"The officer told the victim he would have to report he was a victim of a crime," said Craig. "The officer at various moments advised the victim on how to make a false crime report so the U-Visa eligibility requirements could be met."

The officer also offered to help a friend of the victim who had criminal charges against him, in return for a cash payment.

Laboy is in custody and is on unpaid administrative leave.

Chief Craig says this case is still under investigation and is asking anyone else who has information related to this case to call Cincinnati Police at 564-1840.

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