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Coaches talk about sex offender soliciting football players


Baton Rouge police say a man, who sometimes disguises himself like a woman, may be targeting your student athlete. Investigators say a registered sex offender has been trying to contact area football players, with the promise of jobs and money.

Two local coaches say they didn't believe this guy's schemes for one second. Central High football coach Frank Fresina says the odd phone calls started back in the fall. He says the caller told him he had jobs lined up for three of his players, and was looking for their contact information.

"The thing about it was, just things just didn't add up," said Fresina. "When I would go approach the guys about the jobs, they'd never heard of it."

The calls didn't stop there. Coach Fresina says he believes the same man called again this time claiming to be part of former LSU coach Jerry Stovall's organization.

"I spoke with Coach Stovall, and one of the other area coaches spoke to him that same day. And that's kinda how the puzzle came together," said Fresina.

A similar puzzle was being put together at Live Oak High School in Watson.

''I didn't realize it was still going on, and when frank brought it to my attention with the email yesterday... You know it's know the guy's trying to chase after high schools kids you know it's kinda fishy," said former Live Oak football coach David Dykes.

Baton Rouge police say a student football player at yet another high school did meet the man who was dressed as a woman at the time. That football player was 18, so the man did not break any laws and was not arrested. Investigators say they simply want to make sure parents and coaches keep tabs on who their kids may be talking to.

"If nothing else, this has made us coaches aware of there are people out there that profile our guys and that are looking at our student athletes," said Fresina.

"Around the time when he was calling was when college coaches are showing up around here, and you leave those guys with access but you also gotta make sure you that somebody that rolls in here is affiliated with an organization and not just some yahoo off the street," said Dykes.

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