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Jindal's name surfaces once again as possible VP candidate


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's name is once again appearing on lists as a potential Republican vice presidential candidate.

However, many wonder if Jindal is ready to join the Republican ticket this fall.

For a second time in his political career, Jindal is being looked at as a possible GOP vice presidential candidate.

According to a WWL report, despite endorsements from Republican heavy hitters like Sen. John McCain, some political analysts say the 40-year-old governor isn't ready politically to step out onto the national stage.

A perfect example, according to one political analyst, was Jindal's rebuttal to the president's State of the Union address in 2009.

One UNO political science professor said Jindal has the credentials, but won't be a top candidate because the governor isn't in a battle state.

The governor continues to say he has the job he wants.

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