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Raw sewage floods apartment complex for 7 months


Tenants of the Willow Bend Lake Apartment complex said they see feces, toilet paper and raw sewage on their front porches every morning. They claim they have been waking to raw sewage at their doors for seven months.

"You're looking at a whole bunch of feces. Everything in the grass is full of feces," Randy Ferguson said.

"It's disgusting to say the least," Bob Dejan said.

They said it is the result of a serious sewage problem at the apartment complex.

"Whenever it rains you get an overflow," Ferguson said.

Tenants started taking photos. They said when the water recedes they are left to tackle toilet paper debris and feces on their porches and front lawns. They have a barbeque pit. But Ferguson said the sludge makes cook-outs hard to stomach.

"We had a barbeque and the smell of it overtook the barbeque. It was terrible," Ferguson said.

The city surrounded the area outside of their apartments with yellow caution tape, but tenants said that is the extent of the response they have gotten.

"They came out after I told them I contacted y'all and they came out there and taped it off," Ferguson said.

Residents woke up to find a note from the Department of Public Works. It states they city is aware of the problem. But it did not say when or how they plan to fix it.

"We contacted the health department. They told us to call the Roto Rooter. The apartment complex also called them. I can't do anything. I'm just a renter," Ferguson said.

Just as Ferguson was venting his frustrations to 9News, the DPW trucks showed up.

"That's the first time I've seen them here," Ferguson said.

Minutes later crews rolled out hoses equipped with an underground television camera to assess the situation.

City-Parish Engineer Technician, Daniel Hollins, explained the process.

"They are going to televise the service lines to find out what the problem is," Daniel Hollins said.

The workers reported there were no signs of blockage in the pipes that run directly under Ferguson and Dejan's units. However, Hollins said the problem may not be far.

Somewhere down the line, another section of the line is probably stopped up," Hollins said.

Hollins told the tenants and 9News the city plans to pinpoint the problem and flush, decontaminate and deodorize the lines immediately.

Ferguson wanted to know why it took the city so long to respond.

"Why for the last seven months you didn't address this problem," Ferguson asked.

"I can't answer why they haven't done anything in the last seven months," Hollins responded.

DPW Director, William Daniel, told 9News the city-parish lines are functioning properly, and that problem lies within the private lines on the complex's property.

Willow Bend Lake Apartment managers did not return calls made by 9News.

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