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What's Clickin' - Online auditions, free stuff


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The Internet makes pretty much everything easier, including auditioning for a TV or movie role. A new site called StarCast Auditions aims to simplify the audition process by letting users shoot and upload their performances from home. Scripts are provided. The best clips are featured on the site and are viewed (the site claims) by top casting directors. It's free to use now, but will soon cost $10-$15 per upload. 


Google is working on some pretty high-tech glasses they say will augment our personal realities...if you don't mind looking like a cyborg. The concept (in a very basic form) is to take the info that pops up on your smartphone and display it transparently in your line of sight. Everything from text messages to maps and notifications could display on the glasses. Check out the spiffy preview video here


Want to get rid of junk and clutter around your house but not quite ready to toss it? Or are you looking for a steal of a deal? Givmo is a new online marketplace for all that "stuff." It's free for "givers" to list their items and the "takers" pay only shipping costs. 

If you just want to sample some free products, Swaggable is the site for you. Companies send you free stuff with the catch that you'll talk about it on Facebook after you try it. There's a wait list right now, but the site promised to activate my membership "shortly."


With this recent string of strong storms there's no better time to download our WAFB Titan 9 Weather app. It's free and available for iPhone and Android phones, featuring live radar, weathercasts from the 9Storm Team, extended outlooks plus much much more. And don't forget about our awesome news app as well!

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