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What's Clickin' - Hiding texts, pizza magnet, Facebook dating


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Most of us have text messages we'd rather not share with the world, but if you really want to keep an SMS super secret, try Black SMS. It's a $.99 app that blacks out your messages until you paste them into a password-protected folder. Sure, it's an extra step, but no one will be reading your texts.


It's a dangerous scenario. Imagine being able to order pizza simply by pushing a button on your refrigerator. It's a reality in Dubai. One pizzeria figured out how to make a refrigerator magnet that connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Read more...


A pair of Google engineers with some extra time on their hands have come up with a pretty unique way to visualize the country's wind patterns. It's a simple map that you'll probably find yourself staring at for a good while. Check it out here.


A new Facebook dating app called Yoke connects users with their friends' single friends. It's easy to use and doesn't require making a dating profile.

Meanwhile, a Facebook app called Friend Verifier scans your friend list and pending requests against the national sex offender registry. Never can be too careful.

While we're on the subject, Facebook is trying to remind all of us to be careful tossing around a certain B-word. Book. The social network is trying to add "book" to its long list of trademarked words. But do Zuckerberg and Co. have a "book" to stand on here? Read more...

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