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What's Clickin' - Microchipping kids & getting famous


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A school system in Brazil has outfitted 20,000 of their grade school students with microchips. They're attached to the children's uniforms. It's an attempt to cut down on the number of kids skipping class. The chips even notify parents if their children are late to school. But does it go too far? Read more...

OnStar has unveiled a new GPS service called Family Link that gives you the ability to track the location of your vehicle and the person driving. Parents can also set up alerts via text message that notify the account holder when the vehicle leaves or enters a certain area. The service rolls out for some users in April and will be available for everyone this fall. Read more...


Are tablets and eReaders allowed in Hogwarts? After months of delay, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are finally available for purchase in eBook formats compatible with the most popular devices like the Nook and Kindle. But you can only get them in thePottermore.com shop.


Always wanted to be famous? Here's your chance. Start by entering your Twitter account in this Fame contest. It randomly awards one twitter user thousands of new followers...for 24 hours only. And there's a new winner (and more followers) each day. What would you tweet to your new followers?

Always wanted to host your own talk show? OnTheAir gives you the chance to start a live video channel about anything you want. Invite your friends or strangers to join in and connect with folks around the world. 

Know any aspiring musicians? The Google Play Artist Hub might be just what they need to start spreading their tunes. The site makes it easy to set up a digital store to show off and sell original music. The artist sets the price and keeps 70% of profits. The best part? The usual $25 sign-up fee is waived through April 3rd.

Whether you're running for a local office, or trying to get a non-profit some much-needed publicity, NationBuilder can do much of the work for you. The site helps individuals or groups start a website, set up social media accounts, create volunteer and donation pages and even track local demographics. You'll pay $20/month, but it could be well worth it. 

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