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Teachers protest education reform, want Jindal recalled

Teachers from Calcasieu Parish gathered to express their opposition to Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform plan. Teachers from Calcasieu Parish gathered to express their opposition to Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform plan.

A group of teachers from Calcasieu Parish flooded the steps of the Louisiana Capitol Tuesday to protest ongoing teacher reform legislation and they want changes at the top of state government. It is the fourth rally since the session started three weeks ago.

Educators are protesting the governor's plan for education reform with a recall petition. The petitions target Gov. Bobby Jindal and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley.

Calcasieu Parish school teachers took the day off to have their voices heard. The theme of the rally was the death of education in Louisiana. The teachers even brought their own mock coffin. SLIDESHOW included

These rallies get the attention of lawmakers. However, they have done little to derail the education reform juggernaut.

"Most teachers, like myself and people I work with, aren't afraid of accountability," said Erin Johnson. "I welcome you to come in my classroom, see what I do every day and understand we see growth."

Johnson said the frustration comes from lack of information to the rank and file, so they rely on union leaders to get the information.

"It's going to take away the livelihood of so many educators to lead to poverty and so many questions have not been answered about value added the evaluation process," said Joyce Haynes, another teacher.

House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, who represents many of the teachers on the steps Tuesday, held a meeting with a group of them. Kleckley said he was surprised about how much misinformation is flying around. He said he hopes they know better after meeting with him.

"There's misinformation that the teachers retirement; there's legislation filed to destroy teachers retirement, and that's not true," said Kleckley.

Erin Johnson said she is prepared for whatever comes down the pike.

"Please hold me accountable, but don't hold me accountable for things I don't have any control over. We don't get to pick what comes into our room. We have to take what we get, love them, teach them the best we can and say, 'Good luck,' you know," Johnson added.

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