Cleanup begins in tornado damaged town

Cleanup begins in tornado damaged areas of Prairieville
Cleanup begins in tornado damaged areas of Prairieville

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - The south Louisiana recovery symbol, the blue tarp is back, this time in Prairieville, among other places.

An EF-1 twister cut a path 3-miles-long and half a football field wide. -

People across Prairieville spent the morning picking up the pieces of their lives that Wednesday's storms scattered everywhere.

Or, in Vanessa York's case, dropped it on top of her

"By the time we made it into the room all we could do was slide...try to slide as close as we could to the bed, and the whole roof just came and collapsed on top of us," said York.

York says she's happy she walked away with her life, and thrilled to have help from two local home depot stores.

"We started bringing in supplies...water, tarps, storage totes," said Ray Owens, manager at the Highland Road Home Depot. "Pretty much just went around and asked what folks need."

And help from total strangers.

"We were driving by, and my husband asked me what is our family gonna do about it? And I said what do you want to do? And he said let's get some gloves, and we went home and got some gloves and went house to house and said who needs help," said Nicole Hauck, a volunteer.

With south Louisiana in the heart of severe storm season, you can bet this won't be the last time mother nature forces neighbors to become family.

"We're a community. We stick together in times of need, so we just stopped in and helped do whatever we can do," said Hauck.

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