Prairieville hit by a string of tornadoes

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - As the storms moved through Ascension Parish Wednesday morning, several people spotted a possible tornado spinning overhead. And there are several pockets of damage, mostly in Prairieville.

Piles of trash litter the front yards of homes along Scott street.

"Never in 20 years, I've been out here 20 years and we've never been hit," said Michelle Byrd, a Scott street resident.

Just before 10 this morning, what's believed to be a tornado tore through this neighborhood

"Everything is just torn up, and I seen the light cause wasn't no roof on it," said Byrd.

Less than 3 miles away, the residents of the Silverstone subdivision were shocked by similar sounds

"I was in the bed and I heard a hard wind," said Paula Muray, a resident of the Silverstone subdivision. "I'm thinking it's just a bad storm or something. The lights and stuff was flicking. So I just cut off the TV and the lights, or whatever in the house. Then while I was doing that, we have a door over our stairs. It flew open and the wind started coming in.

Paula Muray went outside to find her roof had collapsed.

While these people will have to spend time rebuilding and replacing the things they lost in the storm, they're happy to walk away with their lives

"I'm blessed. That's all I can say. In know that god is real cause I could have been dead or anything could have happened to me. But I know god is real.

Prairieville middle school closed at noon, after what we now know was a tornado, knocked out power.

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