Severe storms slam Livingston Parish

Storm damage on North Corbin Road in Walker, LA
Storm damage on North Corbin Road in Walker, LA

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Snapped trees, splintered wood and power lines covered rural neighborhoods in Livingston Parish. Some people said they woke up to the sounds of a roaring train.

Tiffanie Edmonston says her dog "Holly" warned her something bad was about to happen.

"She started barking, going crazy, running around in circles. The doors were buckling. You could hear things crash," Edmonston said.

When Edmonston walked outside, she said, she first spotted debris scattered through her back yard. Then she noticed her next door neighbor's house all but destroyed.

"I was in shock! We were all looking around. There were things blowing everywhere. We were trying to figure out who was okay and who was not ok," Edmonston said.

The homeowners were not home when the severe winds washed away their front door and ripped holes through their roof. But according to the Livingston Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, these folks and a few others in the parish have a massive mess on their hands.

"We knew bad weather was coming. But nothing like this. It happened so quick," Sam Mack said.

This wood frame house on Steve Watts Road in Satsuma was crushed when a tree snapped and settled on the roof. Longtime neighbor, Ernest Kinchen, watched from his porch.

"It broke it off and laid it down on there, because that wind will carry it now," Ernest Kinchen said. "There ain't no use to be scared of it. If it's going to get you and there's nothing you can do about it."

The Edmonstons said they had a feeling it was going to be a rough ride. They are just happy "Holly" was standing guard.

"This is best early warning system we have right here," Edmonston said.

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