Wilbur the pet pig survives tornado in Baton Rouge area

Wilbur the pig survives severe storm on Hoo Shoo Too Road
Wilbur the pig survives severe storm on Hoo Shoo Too Road
Damage from severe weather on Hoo Shoo Too Road
Damage from severe weather on Hoo Shoo Too Road

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Damage reports from Wednesday morning's storm came in from all across the WAFB viewing area, including along one stretch of Hoo Shoo too Road in Baton Rouge. Neighbors there say they almost saw pigs fly.

You wouldn't know Wilbur the Pig just survived a possible tornado by looking at him. When WAFB Reporter Graham Ulkins visited the storm damaged neighborhood, Wilbur was roaming around his yard like he normally does.

When the storm hit, his owner, Allison Matthews, didn't have time to round him up. After the storm passed, she went outside to look at the damage and found Wilbur safe and sound.

Allison Matthews was looking forward to celebrating their wedding anniversary today. "Today was going to be a very romantic lunch with my husband, and I got home and 10 minutes later I was under the counter praying my house was going to still be there when I came out," she said.

"I couldn't breathe. I was so shocked that all these trees came up within 15 seconds," she said.

Now they're cleaning up piles of debris; including an air conditioner tossed by the wind and their children's playhouse that was crushed by a tree; a lot of damage, but Wilbur escaped injury.

As workers cleared Hoo Shoo Too Road, and power crews repaired downed lines, more neighbors ventured outside with similar stories of screeching wind and shaking earth.

"I really felt the ground vibrating. It was just a really low vibration and my ears were popping and I scooped up my little girl and we went and stood in the bathroom and it was over...that fast," said Vanessa Caillouet, also lives on Hoo Shoo Too Road.

The National Weather Service has not yet determined if it was straight line winds or a tornado, but whatever it was, it ended in a matter of seconds.

"I always try to stay calm during things like this, but your adrenaline goes up and I was holding her close and telling her it was going to be ok," said Matthews.

Matthews was surprised and happy her pet pig Wilbur was still in their yard, as if nothing happened.

Despite the scare, people on Hoo Shoo Too Road say they were spared the worst; homes, people and pigs are all still standing.

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