What's Clickin' - March 21, 2012

iProblems with the New iPad

Apple may have sold 3 million new iPads this past weekend, but not all users are happy with their shiny new tablets. Some say the new iPad gets too hot after using it for a prolonged period of time. The tech giant responded Tuesday saying the new iPad may indeed get a little warmer than the iPad 2, but that it's perfectly normal. Read their statement here.

Meanwhile, users are also reporting problems with the magnetic iPad Smart Cover. Some of the magnetic covers don't work properly with the new iPad, which is "magnetized" differently than it's predecessor. Some users report Apple replaced their old covers when they brought them to Apple stores.

And check out these pictures of an iPhone that allegedly self-combusted just feet away from its sleeping owner. Scary stuff!

Reporting Mobile Spam

We're used to spam flooding our e-mail inboxes, but have you fallen victim to spam via text message? Good news. All the major cell carriers have come together to support a new Spam Reporting Service. All you have to do is forward a spam text message to "7726" (SPAM). Check out the details here.