Democrats accuse Jindal administration of intimidation, retaliation

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Rep. John Bel Edwards is not happy over what he terms intimidation factors set forth by the Jindal administration.

"Efforts to intimidate and silence people," said Edwards. "People have been removed from vice chairman because their votes weren't appreciated."

Edwards made his statements Tuesday on the house floor. He was complaining about the Republicans who came to a Democratic news conference Monday.

But Edwards' Democratic ally, Sam Jones, stunned some in the house.

"They have someone come and hijack your press conference," said Jones. "Something like that making you think your back to the brown shirts of the 1930's. It's a bit much."

"It's outrageous and offensive that he would refer to the governor and his team as Nazis," said Kyle Plotkin, the governor's communications director. "This is about our kids.  It's not about Nazis, it's not about fascists. John Bel Edwards needs to apologize."

Education reform comes up on the House & Senate floors on Thursday.

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