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Contact 9: Jilted renter to get deposit back

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Regina Williams is basically living out of her pickup truck right now, and sleeping from couch to couch; its something she is not proud of as a 39-year-old, single mom.

"It's like embarrassing for one, and for two, it's like some people will say yes and they really don't have the room or really can't let you in cause of their situation-what goes on in their houses. uncomfortable... frustrating," she said.

It is frustrating to her because she thought she had found an apartment at the La Belle Aire complex on North Marque Ann Drive in Baton Rouge.

Williams says she was promised a unit at La Belle Aire in February, and it would be available for her to move in by March 9. She says she paid a $250 deposit to the complex, $200 to a collection agency so she could be approved, a $25 application fee up front and not to mention the approximately $50 it took to switch her electricity over to the new place on March 7.

When moving day arrived, she said she called the apartment complex and they told her the apartment wasn't ready, the floor wasn't finished, and they were going to find her another apartment.

The owner was not available at La Belle Aire and the women in the front office did not want to speak on camera. They did admit, off camera, the person who conducted the final approval on the unit did not check the flooring under the last tenant's furniture. When it was time for Williams to move in, the women said they realized the flooring was not suitable for a new tenant to move in, so they had to turn her away.

Williams says she knows she can't just make a new unit appear, but does want the application fee back, and reimbursement for her electric payment, especially now that she has been waiting for a week and a half.

"The transfer of the electric, I mean that was really a bad thing because I may could have stayed in my own apartment and still been okay until something really okay for me to move into," she said.

Williams says it has been difficult to get in touch with La Belle Aire employees, but after speaking with them, they have agreed to work with her on a reimbursement.

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