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Rick Santorum makes appearance in BR


Just six days out from Louisiana's presidential primary and polls show there are plenty of "undecided" voters. Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum made a special visit hoping to sway their decisions.

Sunday afternoon, Santorum made a stop at Alex Box stadium, watching part of LSU's baseball game from inside a suite. After the game he headed to Greenwell Springs Baptist Church. Hundreds arrived early to grab a seat, and to prepare themselves for what Santorum had to say.

"We have a decision to make, and I believe that this is gonna help us," said Lillian Green, a member at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church.

"When you don't get the opportunity to hear that person other than just turning on the TV and hear what's gotta be said to the millions of people...this is kinda personal whenever you get down to it right here," said Charles Poland, another church member.

Following a brief worship service---Santorum took the stage, sharing his opinion on social issues like abortion

"Respecting the dignity of all human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death," said Santorum.

And a hot issue down in the bayou; education

"We are never going to improve the education system unless we re-engage parents in the education of their children and give them the authority to be able to help work with the education system," said Santorum

Some say Santorum spent too much of his time talking about his beliefs when they wanted to hear about his plans - if he becomes president.

"What are we gonna do about Iran? What are we gonna do in Syria? What are we gonna do about the economy? What are we gonna do about jobs? I didn't get a lot of that today," said Southern University SGA president Demetrius Sumner.

Church leaders say they invited all presidential candidates to speak, but only Santorum said yes. Newt Gingrich will be in town Wednesday, for a $1000 per person fundraiser.

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