Baton Rouge #1 in AIDS cases per capita, but why?

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People on the front lines in the fight against AIDS in Baton Rouge are sorting through new government numbers. They show the Baton Rouge region now leads the nation in AIDS cases per capita. WAFB Medical Correspondent Phil Rainier finds out why Baton Rouge is at the top of that list. See that story on 9News at 5.

Education reform bills are now in the hands of the State Senate. WAFB's Jim Shannon will have a live report from the Capital.

An East Feliciana school has cancelled classes for tomorrow, but it has nothing to do with the rally at the Capitol, and everything to do with the warm temperatures expected. We'll explain on 9News at 5:30.

Many people are expected to be out and about this weekend for the 2012 St. Patrick's Day Parade. Bar owners are stocking up on green and officers will be stepping up their law enforcement. WAFB reporter Tyana Williams will have details on this weekend's events, including why some bar owners are being warned by law enforcement.

East Baton Rouge school leaders are once again trying to find a new superintendent. Board members are combing through candidates right now. WAFB reporter Kiran Chawla is at the meeting and will have the latest on 9News at 10.

Preliminary figures show the S&P closing up eight points at 1,403. The Dow Jones industrial average is finishing up 59 at 13,253, its highest close since December 2007. The Nasdaq composite index is ending the day up 16 at 3,056.

A dense fog advisory has been issued in the Baton Rouge area for Friday morning.  The 9News Storm Team will have details about what you should expect in the morning and how warm it will get on 9News at 5 and 5:30.