Man says sheriff's office is looking for wrong guy

Bruce Wayne Scott
Bruce Wayne Scott

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - "Mistaken identity" is what one man claims is the case in Assumption Parish.  The sheriff's office put his name and picture out as a "wanted" man, but he's quick to say, "Not so fast."

It's called "Operation Get A Real Job," where undercover agents in Assumption Parish are out to catch drug dealers.

When the Assumption Sheriff's Office launched the initiative in January 2011, they nabbed 64 drug dealers.

In March 2012, Sheriff Mike Waguespack introduced a follow-up - "Operation Should Have Got A Real Job."

Eighteen men and women were their top offenders.  All but five were caught.  One who is still wanted is Bruce Scott.

"He is wanted for allegedly distributing Lortab," said Waguespack.

Only problem is, Scott said he's not their man.  He said he's a law-abiding citizen and was adamant that his name and picture had been wrongly plastered as a "wanted drug dealer."

However, Scott has since hired an attorney and has been advised not to talk to the media.

But Sheriff Waguespack said a grand jury did return an indictment with undercover surveillance video as evidence.

"He did a hand-to-hand buy with an undercover agent.  The agent later positively identified this subject as Bruce Wayne Scott," said Waguespack.

Minutes after 9 News left the sheriff's office, Waguespack put his narcotics detectives to work and WAFB was called back.

"We have identified another subject who looks just like Mr. Bruce Wayne Scott, so we're going to have to revisit this case.  It's very possible that the narcotics undercover officer has misidentified their subject," said Waguespack.

Their new suspect is also a Bruce Wayne, from the same area with very similar features.

In the meantime, the other Bruce Scott plans to stop by the sheriff's office Thursday morning with his attorney in hopes of clearing his name.

"If it's not him, then we certainly have an apology to make to him," said Waguespack.

If this is a case of misidentification, the process will start over with the grand jury and another indictment, and Sheriff Waguespack said it'll be his first since he took office 12 years ago.

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