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BREC opens gyms early due to school closures


BREC will open 15 gyms early Wednesday because of the closure of public schools in the East Baton Rouge Parish and Baker school systems.

There will be open gym time to children 12 and older from 10 a.m. until closing.

BREC is not offering recreation programs, daycare or any type of camp.

The free program is offered at the following locations:

North Street Park

Howell Park

Expressway Park

Kerr Warren Park

Anna T. Jordan Community Park

Maplewood Park

Longfellow Park

Cadillac Street Park

Flannery Road Park

Elvin Drive/Ben Burge Park

Mayfair Park

Tom "Pete" Purvis recreation center at Nairn Drive Park

Forest Community Park

Cedar Ridge Park

Alaska Street Park

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