Hundreds of homes flooded in Carencro

CARENCRO, LA (WAFB) - Looking up, the skies caused havoc for many in Lafayette Parish with more than 15 inches of a downpour in a matter of hours. From up above, downtown Carencro is nothing but floodwaters.

Several hundred homes took in water and many roadways were underwater with the exception of state highways.

"This is the worst in the 10 years I've been here," said Carencro resident Lisa Paddio.

Knee-deep water is what Paddio came home to, but she's fortunate the murky waters have not inched into her home. Four-legged animals and their owner Marielle McCaa is not so lucky.

"I went into one room to start picking things up off the floor in case. I come back to the other room and there's already water pulling on the floor. It was at my ankles and up my calves within minutes and just kept going," said McCaa.

Which is why she's at the shelter in Carencro for the night with many others who left their flooded homes with everything stuffed in just one bag.

Around town, drivers are maneuvering through flood waters. Homes have turned into islands with people stranded inside. Others used boats to get around.

"I am a native of Carencro. I'm 46 years old. In 46 years, I've never seen this," said Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department's Kip Justice.

Justice said they've responded to nearly 200 calls with people trapped.

"We've rescued several people from homes with water up to their waist and higher in some cases," said Justice. "There are some streets with as much as seven feet of water in some streets."

The Red Cross has opened a shelter at the Carencro Civic Center on University Avenue.

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