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Contact 9: Construction planned for damaging train tracks


Tires ruined left and right.  Drivers have had enough of the road near South Choctaw Road and Sorrell Avenue.

Barbara Stewart says she was simply thankful to have a platform to speak about the problem last month.

"People where I live at made comments on the story," said Stewart. "I wanna thank Channel 9 for giving me a venue to be able to voice my opinions, my concern - about the greater Baton Rouge area."

And Monday, we received some good news.  The mayor has signed off on some construction to happen here in the future.

How does that make Stewart feel?

"Great. Really great," replied Stewart. "I'm glad I call you all up, glad everything held in a good manner so we can get some justice."

She knows this small project will make a huge difference in the lives of many drivers.

"It gonna improve a lot," said Stewart.  "I mean people getting vehicles and concerned about, you know, havin' repairs done and just bought a vehicle so it will help a whole lot."

Now, the railroad just has to work out a construction date with the city and put the materials sitting next to the track to good use.

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