Man's best friend needs a new home

David Fernandes with one of his dogs, Sweetie Pie
David Fernandes with one of his dogs, Sweetie Pie

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When financial problems start to pile up, people generally start cutting back on luxuries like shopping, going out to eat and traveling…some people even give their pets away, but one Baton Rouge man who's fallen on hard times, but refuses to let his two best friends suffer.

David Fernandes has hit a rough patch in his life. He's had to move his sick wife into a nursing home, and can no longer afford his house. Fernandes isn't too worried about where he will live. He's more concerned about his two best friends.

Fernandes can no longer afford to take care of his dogs, but he doesn't want them to end up stuck in a shelter or worse, euthanized.

"Everybody seems to think pit bulls are rabid, vicious dogs, and they're wonderful dogs. I mean, the dog's name is Sweetie," said David Fernandes.

Animal advocates admit bully breeds like Sweetie and her sister Hoochie Coochie, have a bad reputation, making people nervous about adopting them.

"Pit bulls represent one if four of all animals taken into shelters, and of that, more than 80 percent of pit bulls in shelters will die before their second birthday," said winter Morvant, with "the pit Krewe".

Winter Morvant, with advocacy group "The Pit Krewe", says the Companion Animal Alliance does their very best to protect all dogs from being a part of that statistic, but she says they can only do so much, and it's time for animal lovers to help CAA and other groups save them.

"They don't have a voice for themselves, so we need to step up and be their voice by showing responsible ownership, by showing the community that they can be your best friend. They can be a loyal companion," said Morvant.

These pups have been loyal to Fernandes through the difficult times in his life, and he says he owes it to them to find good homes.

"I just don't want anything to happen to these guys because of me," said Fernandes.

If you or someone you know would like to help David Fernandes find a home for Sweetie or Hoochie Coochie, contact us at

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