Teen dies after stabbing, another teen arrested

Eric Myles, Jr., stabbing victim
Eric Myles, Jr., stabbing victim

DORSEYVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Investigators said a 15-year-old died after he was stabbed Thursday evening and another 15-year-old confessed to the crime.

The Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office said Eric Myles Jr. of Belle Rose, a 10th grader at Assumption High, was stabbed to death during a fight.

A ninth grader who also attends the school was charged with second-degree murder.

It happened in the Dorseyville Community of Belle Rose around 6 p.m.

Deputies said the suspect admitted to stabbing Myles when he was questioned about the incident. They added his mother was present at the time.

Myles' aunt, LaQuitta Johnson, is having a hard time coming to grips with the news that her nephew is gone. She says when relatives called to tell her Eric was in the hospital, her mind started racing.

"I was just praying, please God let him be alive because we can't go through this. Too much. It's too much," LaQuitta Johnson said.

Investigators said a witness reported seeing the boys swinging at each other when one of them backed away, pulled a knife and stabbed the other in the side.

Detectives said the witness told them Myles pulled the knife out of his side, ran about 300 feet and then collapsed.

"Neighbors, friends for a long time. But one didn't like the other, and for the last couple of weeks something has been going on," Sheriff Mike Waguespack said.

The boys had reportedly argued and fought in the neighborhood other times, but had only exchanged words at school one day and never fought at school.

Deputies said minutes after they received the call about a boy lying in the street the mother of the suspect called to report she was driving home because her son had just told her he had stabbed someone.

Authorities said they found the knife believed to be the murder weapon at the suspect's home. They added it was a kitchen butcher knife.

No matter what the reason might be behind the violent killing, Johnson hopes Eric's friends learn violence is not the answer.

"It doesn't make sense. Two lives are lost now. Two lives at a young age. It just don't make sense. It's not worth it at all," Johnson said.

The boy was taken to the St. James Parish Youth Center. He will go before a judge on Monday or Tuesday.

Extra deputies were sent to Assumption High School Friday morning as a precaution.

Counselors and clergy members were also on hand to help those students affected by the murder.

An autopsy is scheduled.

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