Teen accused of raping three 5-year-olds

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The mother of a five year old boy wants answers after she says a judge released the 13-year-old boy accused of raping him. The mother says that same teen is accused of raping two other five year old children.

The mother says the accused 13-year-old lived in their apartment complex. She noticed her son started urinating on himself at school and was wetting the bed. She said he was afraid to go to the bathroom. When she started asking her son questions, she was stunned. She said her son told her the rape happened in a bathroom at the apartment complex.

"He said 'momma I have something to tell you,' I said baby what's going on? He said 'momma it's really bad.' I said what's going on?" She tells WAFB her son said the teen did "some nasty things" to him.

The mother started asking questions in the apartment complex. She says she found out there could be two other five year old victims. She called the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department and all three boys went to police counselors. Shortly after that, deputies issued an arrest warrant for the 13-year-old boy.

The rules in juvenile court are much different than that of State District Court.

For example, the identity of a defendant under the age of 15 will never be known. So had the victim's mother not come forward, this incident would have gone largely unknown to the public. However it's what happened inside the courtroom that has her so upset.

According to the mom, Juvenile Judge Pamela Johnson released the accused teen into the custody of his grandmother, who lives in the same complex as the victims.

"He's like, traumatized. He's like, mom they're back, he's out, he's come back here? And it's kinda pretty hard on a five year old," said the mother.

According to the mother, the teen has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape. She tells WAFB that she found out that he admitted to the charges. "The boy admitted to doing that to the little boys," she said.

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore says he is prevented by law from saying any more than that he is aware of the situation. "We're aware of the incident, of the allegations. We met with a mother of a child and our office is investigating," said Moore.

The mother is still looking for answers. She wants to know why he is out.

Again, juvenile court law sates officials are banned from confirming juvenile court action. The mothers of two of the victims told 9News about the court proceedings.

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