WBR deputies plea guilty to brutally beating inmate

Two former police officers pleaded guilty Thursday to brutally beating an inmate. The former West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputies made their petition almost a year after a jury found their supervisor guilty.

The police reports state former Sergeant Casey Batts and deputies Filmore Bradford Junior and Gary Frith Junior beat inmate Stacey Paul so badly, he had to have his jaw wired shut.

Investigators believe it happened after a Port Allen Police Officer who was chasing Paul, somehow broke his ankle and told his buddy at the jail to "take care of Paul when he got to prison."

The deputies came forward. They told Judge Robin Free that their supervisor, Batts, ordered them to come to his rescue.

"It was an unfortunate situation, wrong place wrong time, and following the lead of a bad cop who happened to be in a supervisor position," said Scotty Chabert, Assistant District Attorney.

Bradford and Frith were sentence to two years of supervised probation. Batts' case is being reviewed by the First Circuit Court of Appeals. The inmate sued the Sheriff's Department and walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"It cost my insurance, which I have to pay through general fund through risk management and we paid that inmate a substantial amount of money because of negligence on the part of my employees," Sheriff Mike Cazes said.

Cazes says it is not the first time he has had to discipline deputies for bad behavior. But the sheriff warns he will hand future cases over to the federal government.

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