Man accused of selling bath salts & banned fake pot

Source: St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office
Source: St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office
Doan Nguyen
Doan Nguyen

MORGAN CITY, LA (WAFB) - A 25-year-old man is facing several serious drug charges after authorities reported he was selling bath salts and banned fake marijuana from a store.

Doan Nguyen of Siracusa was arrested Wednesday afternoon by the St. Mary Multi-Jurisdiction Drug Task Force.

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office said the task force obtained a warrant to search T&N Food Mart on LA 182 in Siracusa after an ongoing investigation into the selling of fake marijuana banned by the state of Louisiana.

Siracusa is just east of Morgan City.

Agents said they found about $24,000 worth of synthetic cannabinoids.

They also reported the discovery of bath salts (Methylone), two guns and drug paraphernalia.

They added $145,000 in cash was seized.

Nguyen was booked into the parish jail on the following charges:

Possession of synthetic cannabinoids with intent to distribute

Possession of Methylone (bath salts) with intent to distribute

Violation of CDS law drug free zone (recreational park and church)

Possession of a firearm in the presence of CDS

Transactions involving proceeds from drug offense

Possession of drug paraphernalia

The store is located within 2,000 feet of a park and a church, which led to the drug free zone violation.

Nguyen's home address matched the address of the store.

The St. Mary Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force consists of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, Morgan City Police Department, Franklin Police Department, Baldwin Police Department, Berwick Police Department and Chitimacha Police Department.

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