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Contact 9: Update on Powerhouse Gym


More people are coming forward, expressing concerns about the opening of Powerhouse Gym on South Sherwood Boulevard. 9News last ran a story on its construction on Monday, February 13th.

The gym's owners, Connie and Ronnie Olah, promised a grand opening of January 13, 2012 before the start of the year. The doors are still not open nearly two months later.

Johnny Kovalcik is in his ninth year of business with Greater Baton Rouge Signs. Kovalcik says his company provided temporary banners for Powerhouse Gym in September.

"You have issues with clients occasionally," Kovalcik said, "fortunately, they're not frequently but occasionally you do. This is certainly the most unusual."

Kovalcik says its "unusual" because of the lack of communication he's had from the Powerhouse owners since he completed the job in November and because he still has not been paid $1,275.

"They've promised me on two different occasions through the general manager never through the owners that I would be paid an outstanding balance which has never happened," Kovalcik said.

He is not the only one concerned with the way the owners are operating the gym so far.

Members have been sounding off on the gym's Facebook page for months. They say they want answers or their money back.

Management said in mid-February that permits should be on the way in a matter of days and work should resume soon after.

The city, on the other hand, says it sent Powerhouse a review at the end of January and has not heard from the owners since.

That means the city cannot move forward with the permit process and no work has been done at the site on South Sherwood since December.

"My concern is, are we dealing with a business that's taking advantage of people in our community?" Kovalcik said.

"You know, I've been in Baton Rouge almost 28 years. I'm very involved in the community both on business level and personal level."

Ronnie Olah says at the advice of his attorney and because of alleged misappropriation of funds by a former contractor, he has no comment at this time.

Powerhouse owners are promising to refund money on their Facebook page, if members go to the presale office next to the gym.

The page also now predicts an April grand opening.

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