Judge tosses out lawsuit against Mayor Kip Holden

Mayor Kip Holden
Mayor Kip Holden

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A defamatory lawsuit against Mayor Kip Holden has been tossed out by a district court judge. The lawsuit, filed by a former Metro Councilman, accuses the Mayor of criminal activity and having an affair with a court employee.

The lawsuit was filed by former Metro Councilman Darryl Glasper. "I'll dismiss this [lawsuit] with prejudice," said Judge William Morevant to Glasper's Attorney Chris Alexandria. The fact that the Judge dismissed it with prejudice means the issue cannot be resurrected in the future.

"We obviously disagree with Judge Morevant," said Alexandria. "A private citizen should have an opportunity to speak their mind and expose certain unsavory aspects of Mr. Holden's unethical and potentially criminal activity."

The lawsuit was filed last October. In it, Glasper claims Mayor Holden, who is married, was unfit to be a leader because he was having an affair with a court employee and using city money to buy her gifts. Judge Morevant said part of the reason he was dismissing the lawsuit is because the majority of the document was "hearsay" and not evidence.

Glasper's attorney also called on Judge Morevant to recuse himself from the case because it contained allegations involving a court employee. The judge refused his request.

Holden's Attorney Mary Olive Pierson said, "Mr. Glasper didn't meet the test for anything with regard to this lawsuit according to the ruling. We're very happy."

Judge Morevant also ordered Glasper to pay attorney's fees and court costs.

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