The race for a Baker City Council seat appears to be over. But for one candidate, things may just be heating up. Wafb's laranda moffett reports on what happened after last night's vote tally. [take pkg outcue: standard] {***sot pkg***} [cg at 0:00:date\this morning] [cg at 0:00:locator\baker] [cg :name - title\sherri h. Collins\dist. 5 council cand.] [cg :laranda moffett reporting\ \ ] [take vo] {***vo***} at one time, this sign was about the biggest indication that a political candidate even lived in this home. But now, it's this spray-painted symbol that says it all. Sherri collins narrowly lost her first bid for the district five council position tuesday night. But at around 1:00 wednesday morning, her doorbell rang, and she awoke to find out that her fight was far from over. [take sot name: collins incue: i was hysterical... Outcue: ....i was like wow. At: 7:14 to: 7:19 duration:0:05] {***sot***} "i was hysterical. I was running and screaming. I was like wow." [take vo] {***vo***} spray-painted on her home were the letters-- r.i.p.-- often used as symbol for the words rest in peace. [take sot name: collins incue: i'm just shocked... Outcue: anymore. At: 4:16 to: 4:23 duration:0:07] {***sot***} "i'm just shocked. I feel violated, terrorized. I don't feel safe anymore." [take vo] {***vo***} collins says she has no clue who would do something like this. But thinks someone may have incorrectly believed that she had actually won that race. [take sot name: collins incue: what would've... Outcue: ...been the deal? at: 7:26 to: 7:33 duration:0:07] {***sot***} "what would've happened if i had really won? i'm thinking now...what would've been the deal?" [take vo] {***vo***} police are investigating the incident. And collins says she's determined find some answers. [take sot name: collins incue: we're gonna get some ... Outcue: ....something about it. At: 8:05 to: 8:10 duration:0:05] {***sot***} "we're gonna get some kind of closure on this. We're gonna find out something about it." [take vo] {***vo***} she says this fight.... Is just beginning. [take sot name: collins incue: i don't know... Outcue: ...i'm gonna run. At: 2:51 to: 2:57 duration:0:06] {***sot***} "i don't know what message that they're sending, but i'm not stopping. Next election...if i wanna run, i'm gonna run." [take vo] {***vo***} laranda moffett, wafb, nine news. [anchor:donna/key] {***donna***} [readrate:16] nine news spoke with both of collins' opponents, winner fred o. Russell and vince flaviani. Both say they're sorry to hear that this happened to collins. They also say they had nothing to do with it.