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Contact 9: Damaging train tracks

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A group of plant workers in North Baton Rouge is sick of losing tires and their piece of mind to a dangerous intersection.

Barbara Stewart has been working in the area for 27 years and says as of last summer, she and the other workers started noticing a problem at South Choctaw Drive and Sorrell Avenue.

Stewart now dreads crossing the train tracks there on her way to work because the bumpy area tears up her tires and many times, drivers get stuck on the tracks.

Just last week, Stewart says other drivers had to push a mail man's truck out of a pot hole in the middle of the intersection.

She's says she's thankful a train wasn't coming.

"Railroad crossings are notoriously dangerous anyway. Then you got an added problem to it. I need someone to come solve the problem for us," said Stewart.

"We have to cross it every day and it is very bad. It needs to be fixed immediately," said another driver.

Some drivers move to the opposite lane into oncoming traffic to avoid the rough patches.

9News contacted the city's traffic and engineering department.

The city is now looking into possible repairs at the intersection.

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