Baton Rouge Valentine's Day 2012

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Valentine's Day is almost over, but that doesn't mean business will slow down for vendors and flower shops around town.

Flower deliveries started early this morning for the folks over at Billy Heroman's Flowers on North Harrells Ferry, but preparation for the big day started months in advance.

"We order the vases and place our flower order with the growers actually back in December to make sure we've got everything prepped and lined up," said Ben Heroman with Billy Heroman's Flowers. "We've lined up the extra helpers. Our staff's about doubled right now from 80 to 160 people."

Heroman says they do their best to prepare ahead of time by hiring extra hands on deck to fill some 2,000 orders. But he says most of their customers aren't as well prepared. Dozens of people were calling in orders well after noon.

"We also, we shift to where we can still make it to where they can come and pick it up. So even if the totally forgot, it totally slipped their mind we can still take care of them on their way home," said Heroman.

Local vendor Gwendolyn Ginn says she usually catches some of her last-minute shoppers as they're heading home.

"They go to work and they forget and think about it and on the way home is usually we get the best business," said Ginn.

No matter when the gifts are purchased, both Ginn and Heroman say most people are just happy that someone thought about them on this special day.

"Flowers in general, research shows that people remember flowers and when they got them longer than other flowers are great gifts," said Heroman.

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