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Get the best airline travel deals without breaking the bank


Want to know how to get a leg up on the best airfares? On this week's Money Monday, we'll show you how! If you're booking a simple trip, like from here to Atlanta, or something domestic, it may be easier to book it on your own.

Leslie Steele is a veteran Baton Rouge travel agent. She says having a travel agent can be helpful when planning trips that include hotels, rental cars, or other specifics. "We're there to stand behind you, and if you have a problem, we're there with whatever to help you with it."

So what about those big sales we see advertised everyday? They're mostly to hook you in, because so few seats are ever really on sale.

Now, what about that best time to buy? says the best day is Tuesday, more specifically, Tuesday mid-afternoon. It's because when airlines launch sales, it's usually on a Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, other carriers have time to match them to give you the best chance for deal.  The best days to fly? Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, in the early morning or dinner hour.

Here's a cheap travel secret. You can save the 8% federal tax on some overseas flights. It all depends on the itinerary of your trip. If you fly from one city in the U.S. (like Baton Rouge) to another, (Atlanta for example), then fly out of the country, the federal tax on airfare isn't due if you are taking a flight from one city in the U.S. to another in order to catch an overseas flight.  For more information on the best fare tips, check out the link on our homepage.

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