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The art of reupholstering

We all have hand-me-down furniture or older pieces that have seen better days. Or, we've been out shopping and have seen great second-hand pieces that we love, but aren't crazy about the upholstery.

Home Design Expert Kahi Lee shows how you can fix anything up for just a few bucks with a little reupholstering.

"I'm going change the look of these older dining chairs easily and inexpensively with just a few yards of fabric and a little bit of time," she says. "Now we have already decided that the color scheme of the dining room is going to be blues and browns. So I have a few fabric options here, a nice bold blue with a traditional print. We also have a heavier weight upholstery fabric, which is a little bit more subtle in terms of color."

To figure out how much fabric you need, measure your seat and add three to four inches around all sides to make sure you have enough fabric to wrap around the seat.

"I want to add just a little bit more cushion to this seat", says Kahi. "So what I am going to do is add a layer of batting. The seat goes face down in the center of my fabric. Now we are ready to staple. I put in the center staple first. And I want to do that for each side, and then work my way out.  When you pull back the fabric, you want to make sure you get it as tight and taut as possible. I've stapled all the way around the sides and left the corners for last, because I want to cut away the excess fabric to make it easier to wrap the corners."

The last step is to reattach the seat to the chair.

And there you have it – one reupholstered dining chair. For around $40, you can give your old dining chairs or other furniture a brand-new look!

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