Murder City, USA?

It was back in the early 1990's when Baton Rouge nearly won the title "murder city U.S.A." - more people killed per hundred-thousand people than any city in America. Are we on the way again? Still another killing to report overnight in the Glen Oaks area. WAFB's Cheryl Mercedes is on the story.

In the courts, the battle has begun for defense lawyers to prove that the infamous Trucko Stampley is insane and thus, not guilty for the four killings he's accused of. WAFB's Jim Shannon reports the strategy may be backfiring.

A DWI checkpoint run by city police in Baton Rouge last night stopped a lot of cars but netted fewer than two percent of the crowd with DWI citations. They're going to go again tonight with another checkpoint.

Governor Jindal has announced a plan to which he says could lure at least 10,000 new jobs to Louisiana in coming years. One of the biggest selling points is an exemption from property taxes for 10 years if the company meets certain conditions.

The New York Stock Market closed down 11 points today. Crude oil prices today fell more than a dollar to $96.36 a barrel.

The WAFB Weather Team is forecasting more fog tonight with spotty showers and a low of 62. Tomorrow, look for a 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high of 76.

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