Michelle Mobley

Mobley in one of LSU’s cross country meets. Credit: Erica Wilk
Mobley in one of LSU’s cross country meets. Credit: Erica Wilk

By Rob Landry | LSU Student

Finding a well-rounded college student can be difficult to find. But LSU track and field has one in redshirt freshman distance runner Michelle Mobley.

She has discovered a way to balance a full load of classes, running both cross country and distance events for the track and field teams and working at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Mobley, a Ponchatoula native, has competed in every race for the cross-country team this fall – her first as an eligible competitor – and helped the Tigers to a second place finish in both the Mississippi State Invitational and McNeese State Stampede.

"I started running in kindergarten and my coach noticed I had some talent when I was in middle school. He tried me out for the varsity team earlier than most. And I was able to give the kids who were in eighth grade a run for their money, which made me feel really cool because I was running with the older kids."

Athletic ability is a trait that runs deep in the Mobley family. Her grandfather, Larry, played football for LSU from 1952-1954. Numerous other family members attended LSU.

"My love for LSU has always been present in my life and my family's love for the school has rubbed off on me," says Mobley. "I know now why it means so much to them."

It's her teammates that really make the LSU experience complete for Mobley.

"The team is my family away from home. We all take care of each other and have each other's backs always. I would drop everything if one of them called and said they needed help, a ride to the grocery store or even just a ride to practice."

The 19-year old's interests extend beyond the realm of sports. She has been a page in the Louisiana House of Representatives since 2007, finding the hustle and bustle of the Capitol during legislative sessions enjoyable.

"One thing you would recognize about me, if you meet me, is that I'm fascinated by things going on in the world. I like to be in the know and working at the Capitol puts you in the dead center of the action. I have also made some life long friends there."

Mobley's attentive and outgoing personality has caught the eye of her superiors at the Capitol.

"She's always the first one to volunteer for a job and is as reliable a worker as we've had since I started," said Johnae Jefcoat, desk clerk in the House and Mobley's direct boss. "Michelle is always willing to go the extra mile to help out the legislators and to help out her co-workers. There aren't enough good things I can say about her."

But the management major does not see this as anything special. She's just living in the moment and taking everything in.

"I have a crazy life, but God only gives you what you can handle. So I make the best of every moment, with a smile on my face, even when times get tough."