Mother confesses to the murder of her newborn

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - DNA has helped detectives crack a nine year old murder in Baton rouge. The victim was a newborn. A tiny baby girl came into this world and was put in a dumpster instead of a crib.

From the start, Joann King, 28, was a suspect. Baton Rouge Police say every few years, their detectives revisit unsolved cases. Detectives say both new and old leads, as well as evidence, led them to King.

During the initial investigation in 2002, detectives say King was among six women they looked at as potential suspects. DNA samples were sent to the state crime lab in 2002.

"All unsolved murders, don't go away," said Corporal Tommy Stubbs with Baton Rouge Police.  "We revisit all unsolved murders to try pick up where we left off."

Police say at the time, King denied any involvement in the baby's death. This year, when detectives reopened the case, King's DNA was the only sample that was a close match to the baby girl. Police said that match led them to her house Thursday night and to a second interview where some 9-year-old questions were answered.

"I do know that she admitted to delivering the baby and ultimately disposing of the baby," said Corporal Stubbs.

James Worthy says his neighborhood off of Gardere is fairly quiet, and a police presence is rare. That is why says he was shocked when he saw police cars outside of his neighbor's house

"Well I didn't see yellow tape or nothing, so I just was worried. I wanted to know what was going on so close to my house," said Worthy.

Her neighbor is still in shock.

"I mean, you know, I have a kid myself and it makes you wonder you know," said Worthy. "With the kids, and stuff like that, what's going on and who your neighbors are."

Lt. Doug Cain, with state police wants to remind everyone about the safe haven law. The law allows people to drop off babies to hospitals, police and fire stations with no questions asked. The only requirement is that the baby is brought inside and given to an adult.

King is charged with first degree murder.

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