Dill and Shallot Butter

Dill and Shallot Butter

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Yields: 12 Servings


This is a fresh herb compound butter to which you can add any other flavorings. When chilled in a log shape, it can be sliced and placed on grilled, broiled or baked meats or oysters.


2 tbsps fresh-chopped dill

1 tbsp minced shallots

¼ pound butter, softened

pinch red pepper flakes

½ tsp dried tarragon

salt to taste


In a medium mixing bowl, cream all ingredients together. Mound in the center of a square piece of plastic wrap. Roll into a cylinder, sausage style, twisting at each end. Chill until firm. When ready to use, cut into 12 equal slices.