Viewpoint: January 25, 2012

Recently, 9NEWS aired a story about a man pleading guilty to obscenity charges for looking through a window at a 16-year old girl. The victim in this case said it changed her high school years. She doesn't go into the dark. Her family has installed surveillance cameras.

We received some negative feedback about the case. Not because of the guilty plea, but because of some comments from the judge. West Baton Rouge Parish District Court Judge Robin Free told the man responsible, Charles Kazmir, that Kazmir's actions affected both the family and the community. The judge then went on to say, "Go get a girlfriend. There's plenty of them out there trying to give it away."

Really judge? Judge Free's comments were at the least insensitive and at most, offensive, to all victims of peeping toms and to young women in general. While we don't think that was the judge's intention, we urge Judge Free to remember words are a powerful tool, especially from someone in a position of power.