Fire destroys apartment building in St. Gabriel

ST. GABRIEL, LA (WAFB) - A fire in St. Gabriel has left an apartment building in a pile of rubble.  Neighbors had been complaining about the complex in October of last year.

It happened Friday evening on Martin Luther King Parkway in St. Gabriel in Iberville Parish. The new, under construction, apartment buildings were being worked on Friday morning.

Fire Marshall's believe the fire started from sparks from equipment.

The Fire Marshal says because there was just the shell of the building, the fire engulfed the building quickly.

One other building may have heat damage, but the fire did not spread to nearby homes.

Neighbors say they're going back to the mayor to protest the complex.

"The mayor and the councilmen, we can all come together and maybe come to a common grounds and maybe find out to readjust this situation and build a little further back to prevent this from happening," said Corinthius Nelson. "Because we have a lot of residents like my grandmother that's been here for a lot of years and we want to keep them here."

There were no injuries reported in this fire.

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