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How to make your house sell faster

If you're trying to sell your house, you probably know what "staging" is, but may not have the budget to hire a professional. So here's the DIY version:

First, pack as much of your stuff away as possible. (Yes, that includes the big photo montage of your kids on the living room wall!) Your goal is to get prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. That's less likely to happen if they're surrounded by your stuff.

A good rule of thumb: Try to pack up 90 percent of your stuff. That may mean stashing things in part of the garage, or even renting a storage unit.

Hide the kids' toys as best as you can and clear off the kitchen and bathroom countertops, too. And don't forget to organize your closets! They'll be looking in there, too.

Another good idea: Make sure every room has a purpose. You need a prospective buyer to see the potential there. If you haven't painted in a while, do it now and use neutral paint.

If you have pets, do your best to hide any sign of them. Think about hiring a cleaning service to help.

And don't forget about your home's curb appeal…make sure the lawn and plantings are tidy and the windows and exterior are clean.

It may take time, but staging your home won't cost you much money. And the payoff could be huge in terms of selling your house faster!

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