Grilled Pork Chop with Abita Braised Cabbage and Black Eyed Peas - Le' Creole

Pork Chop

Season with salt and pepper and grill to desired temperature, preferably medium.

Abita Braised Cabbage

1 red onion (julienned)

2 oz. butter

1 head sliced green cabbage

2 tsp. chicken base

½ abita beer

1 tbsp. sugar

Saute red onion in butter until caramelized.

Add cabbage and cook down for approximately 10 min.

Deglaze with abita and add chicken base at the same time.

Cook down until abita is almost evaporated.

Season with sugar and cook until tender.

Blackeyed Peas

28 oz. Frozen Blackeyed Peas

2 oz. Diced Ham

4 oz. Butter

3 oz. Onion

3 oz. White Wine

1 qt. Chicken Stock

1 tsp. Salt

.5 tsp. cayenne

1. Saute onion in 2 oz. butter until translucent.

2. Toss ham hock with onion and saute for 1 min.

3. Deglaze with wine.

4 Add beans, stock, and seasonings and cook tilt almost dry.

5. Remove from heat and fold in remaining 2 oz. butter. yields 5 servings

Bean and cabbage mixture - Final Assembly

Saute beans and cabbage, after cooked, in skillet with a little butter.

Toss in cooked rice and mix well.

Place mixture in center of plate and top with pork chop.

Place a tbsp. of whole butter in small skillet and heat till lightly browned.

Pour butter over pork chop and enjoy.